Wave files for Gregorian Clock Chimes
David P. Anderson

This directory contains audio sound files in *.wav format of the Palestrina "Missa Asumpta Maria" Gregorian chant used in the SMU Department of Geosciences as clock chimes.

Here is the UNIX crontab file that is used to play these "chimes" on the hour and half-hour in various parts of the building.

The *.wav files are available as a Unix tar archive, sound.tar (13.3 Meg) and also as a gzip'd Unix tar archive, sound.tar.gz (10 Meg).

The files are also available separately:

asumpta.wav (350k) The three phrases of the asumpta. (on the hour)
asumpta1.wav (103k) Phrase 1 of the asumpta (alt. on the hour).
asumpta2.wav (75k) Phrase 2 of the asumpta (alt. on the quarter hour).
asumpta3.wav (171k) Phrase 3 of the asumpta (alt. on the half hour).
gloria.wav (144k) The Gloria (on the half hour. alt. on 3/4 hour).
prayer2.wav (2.5 Meg) The Islamic Call to Prayer, phrases 1 and 12 (5pm)
bulgarian_babes_7b.wav (3.1 Meg) A lovely phrase from the Bulgarian Women's Chorus (12 midnight)
bulgarian_babes_5b.wav (2.8 Meg) A beautiful chord from the Bulgarian Women's Chorus (12 noon)

Jonathan Anderson audio and video,
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15 November 2005 dpa