S.M.U. Seismology:
Infrasound and Seismo-Acoustic Sensing

Mpeg Video Hawthorne ordanance disposal movie (58M mpg)

Seismic Array
ACTA 2010: "Application of Seismo-Acoustic Signals to the Study of Local Site Effects"
Petru T. Negraru

Zone of Silence
"Infrasound Propogation in the Zone of Silence"
Petru T. Negraru, Paul Golden, Eugene T. Herrin
Southern Methodist University

wave guide "On Infrasound Waveguides and Dispersion" (*.pdf)
Eugene T. Herrin, Petru T. Negraru

Wells Geometry Infrasound Case Studies (2.4M ppt) Power Point Slides from Paul Golden's presentation at the 2008 Infrasound Technology Workshop.

Here are the same infrasound slides (2.5M pdf) in Adobe Acrobat *.pdf file format.

WSMR Trajectories High Altitude Infrasound Calibration Experiments (4 Meg pdf) An obstacle to refining our knowledge of infrasound propagation and improving source location techniques has been the lack of sources with known yield, location, and time. To improve understanding of the most pressing research issues, a calibration experiment was organized involving six rockets, each carrying a small payload of chemical explosives.

WSMR Sounding Rocket Explosions in the Stratosphere. A series of controlled high-altitude explosions of sounding rockets launched from the White Sands Missle Range produce a truly unique infrasound dataset. The primary goal of the project is to improve understanding of the fundamental physics of the generation of infrasound from explosions and the atmospheric dynamics affecting propagation of infrasound signals. Results indicate that the phase of an infrasound signal can be strongly distorted by short-term (hours) dynamics of the atmosphere.

TXAR dataInfrasound Signals from the Re-entry and Explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia, 01 February 2003. The infrasonic acoustic sensors at the NVAR array in Nevada and the TXAR array in south Texas recorded the N-waves (sonic booms) and subsequent disintegration of the space shuttle as it passed over Neveda, New Mexico, and North Texas. The timing and location of these events are calculated from the azimuths and arrival times of the signals.

Synchronization of Video with Seismic and Acoustic Data using GPS
A technique for recording GPS timing signals on video tape for correlation with seismic and acoustic data sets. This paper is also available as an MS Word Document (1.5 Meg).

Bulk Mining Shot mpeg (1.7M) 200 Hz Broadband and Hi-pass Acoustic Signal. Waveforms are time aligned with GPS synchronized video for broadband and high-pass filtered signals. Time stamps display UTC and elapsed time for the blast. The video has been de-interlaced to produce a slow motion (1/2 speed) display with a resolution of 16.667 milliseconds per frame.

Passing Cars mpeg (2.4M) Broadband and Hi-Pass Signals with time aligned GPS-synchronized video, illustrating pressure wave as vehicles pass the two acoustic sensors located about 20 feet apart on the grass between curb and sidewalk.

Train Entering Tunnel mpeg (6.6m) Broadband Acoustic and Seismic Signals with time aligned GPS-synchronized video. Acoustic pressure gauges are placed along the side and above the tunnel entrance, and seismometers are placed on the wall directly above the tunnel. The broadband acoustic waveform is displayed at the top of the image with the three-axis seismic signals beneath.

Wake Island Infrasound Installation

Wake Island Infrasound Site Survey Site selection survey for Peale and Wake Island infrasound installations, local geology, array design, array response, and recommendations: Paul Golden and Eugene Herrin.

Noise survey Noise Survey for Wake Island: methodology, data acquisition equipment, data processing technique, micropressure data, meteorological data, instantaneous wind speed, recommendations, and PTS response.

Infrasound and Seismo-Acoustic Papers in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format
Click on the thumbnail to view the first page of the paper as a jpeg image.


Seattle Q1 Infrasound Microphone (541k)
One of the goals of SMU s Seattle infrasound microphone project is to develop a simple inexpensive infrasound microphone.

Chaparral Microphone Upgrade (534k)
Chaparral Model 2 Microphone Modification for 12 Volt Operation


Seismo Acoustic Install (218k)
SMU Seismometer Vault and Equipment Facility Design

Ft Hancock Installation (5.2M)
Installation of the Ft. Hancock, Texas, Seismo-Acoustic Array, November 5, 2000

Copper Mine Install (1.4M)
Installation Trip to the Open-Pit Copper Mines of the Southwestern United States

Tucson Install (8.2M)
Installation of the Tucson, Arizona, Acoustic Array, November 22, 2000

WUAZ Install (9M)
Installation of the Wupatki, Arizona, Acoustic Array, May 3,2001

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