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Venus: Maxwell MontesSMU Planetary images and animations from the NASA Magellan and Pioneer Venus data sets and the Soviet Venera Probe, including pictures now displayed at the Smithsonian Museum's Solar System Project in Washington DC. (See David's homepage for more details.)

1992 Chinese Nuclear Blast1992 and 1996 Chinese Nuclear Blasts recorded by over 400 USGS seismic stations world-wide. These data are animated on global maps and transparent spheres and display the spreading seismic wavefront as it arrives at each station, following the leading edge of the P phase arrivals as the signal travels around the world.

Particle MotionSMU EarthQuake imagery and animations generated from USGS and ISC seismic records, the GERESS array, the SMU TXAR array and the SMU Surface Wave Impulse Generator deployed by D. Craig Pearson of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This set of visualizations explores various methods of viewing time-dependent seismic signals as objects and sets of objects.

Tyrnyauz Mining BlastBlasting and industrial mining practices as seismic sources. Slow-motion video with animated seismic waveforms and synthetic computer models of USA and Russian mining blasts, and papers concerning the propagation of semisic energy from mining blasts. Brian Stump (SMU), D. Craig Pearson (LANL), and Xiaoning Yang (LANL).

Acoustic Energy from Mining BlastInfrasound and Acoustic Signals Mutiple acoustic and seismic data sets are time aligned with GPS synchronized video and broadband and high-pass filtered waveforms. Chris Hayward ( and Rongmao Zhou ( deployed the instruments and performed these experiments with Brian Stump (

Spinning CubesCool Stuff and nifty animations by our creative and energetic staff of no particular scientific value. Includes some nice RocketCam and CameraCar footage, a link to my robots and a link to our latest attempt at a live video feed. Also includes a link to the paper, " Surviving slashdot'ing with a small server," a description of the web/ftp server providing these web pages.

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