My Robots
David P. Anderson  

jBot in the Woods

jBot: 6-wheeled Offroad Robot


nBot: Two-wheeled Balancing Robot

RCAT Robot

RCAT Autonomous Robot


The Award Winning SR04.  

Lego Robot


Camera Car

CameraCar 1995: Remotely Piloted Vehicle

RugRat Robot 1993

Rugrat 1993: Analog Robot

Updates and Addons

RCAT Robot

A Heat-Formed Polycarbonate Bumper for RCAT

jBot Bumper Switch

A Camera and Bumper Switches for jBot

SR04 Gripper

A Can and Tennis Ball Gripper for SR04


A Firefighting Module for LegoBot

Pittman Encoder

Homebrew Shaft Encoders
for mobile robot positioning and velocity control.

Camera Car Extended Travel Servo

Improving Servo Positioning Accuracy
using an external feedback potentiometer.


Nbot: Exploded Views

NEW!!! David's June 2021 DPRG talk on Youtube!

Dallas Personal Robotics Group
Robot Navigation Talk
by David P. Anderson
12 June 2021

Poster 02

Here's the Slide Stack from the talk as a *PDF file.

Software and Tutorials

I. Subsumption Programming for SR04 and jBot Robots
II. DPRG Robot Challenge Tutorials
III. IMU Odometry

David's December 2011 DPRG Robot Talk on YouTube

There is a nice mention of nBot and my other robots in an article by Erik Hellweg for the February 2005 issue of PC World Magazine. Here is what appears to be a similar article from Yugoslavia,

This webpage and nBot have also had the honor of being slashdotted several times. We have a paper describing the network traffic statistics and data on how our little webserver responded to and survived the onslaught. Here's a whole website about my robots in some foreign tongue (Hungarian?).

Most of these robots have been built in my home machine shop.

I've written some e-mail in response to questions about the robot concerning things that I haven't fully documented.  These include a PID speed controller, shaft-encoder Odometry and Dead-Reckoning, stereo Sonar and how an Inertial Measurement Sensor and Odometry. are integrated on the jBot robot. I also have a new article that covers Subsumption programming for the SR04 and jBot Robots. The DPRG has a new contest to encourage the development of autonomous off-road robots, and I've written a set of email postings as introductory tutorials for solving the DPRG OutDoor Robot Challenge.

Here is a link to the current attempt at a live video feed.

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